Chicago Pallet Service, Inc.

Chicago Pallet Service, Inc. is a family owned business founded in 1991 by Leo Rodriguez. Initially, Leo with the assistance of one employee manufactured and repaired all of the pallets in a small garage, without any automated equipment. Today, Chicago Pallet Service, Inc. operates a top of the line manufacturing and recycling facility located in the Chicago metropolitan area, utilizes pallet and business technologies in all its operations and successfully handles sales of more than $7 million in the Chicago land area. Since our humble beginnings, many changes have occurred, but on thing has remained consistent - our guarantee in providing excellent service and a quality product at a competitive price.

In recent years, we have expanded our business growth beyond the Chicago metropolitan area, by partnering with a premier national pallet company. Our strategic alliance has been vital to continuing our growth and expanding our geographic reach, while never compromising our high quality product and exceptional service. Together with our new partner, we handle projects big and small, with a combined sales in excess or $45 million, which equates to 300 truckloads on a weekly basis throughout the U.S. With the alliance, we have positioned ourselves to successfully exceed our customer's pallet needs both regionally and nationally.